Chinese Investor – Tharpes Fake Straw Buyer Collectibles Insurance Fraud Scheme by Donald R. Tharpe Million Dollar checks Tharpe deposited into his accounts instead of the Banks that had Liens on all of his property pacer case lookup Real Estate Developers defrauded by Donald R. Tharpes Ponzi Fraud Schemes Real Estate Fraud fake appraisals of $20 million dollars for real estate that eventually sold for only $2 million Tharpes Borrowing Money Schemes Toll Bros

Donald R Tharpe – Toll Bros Real Estate Fraud

Tharpe claims to Toll Bros that he has a Chinese Investor named Victor Xie wiring him $2 million dollars from China, which was a Fraudulent financial lie by Tharpe. Read Lang’s recent lawsuit against Tharpe where Lang clearly states Victor Xie refused to even meet or discuss a loan to Tharpe and he wanted to do with Donald R.Tharpe. Donald R. Tharpe Real Estate Fraud/Foreclosure default on $5.8 million dollar loan from Toll Brothers Real Estate Developers. See entire Federal lawsuit on Pacer #


Donald R. Tharpe made over $10 million dollars from his Title 10 exchanges with the United States Army for their Military Museums in Carlisle Barracks, PA and their newest museum at Fort Belvoir, VA. Tharpe had shill appraisals done at grossly inflated values as much 5 to 10 times Fair Market Value which he traded for Military Surplus from Desert Storm from the US Army who valued their surplus at below market. Tharpe then sold the items he got from the Army through his Weapons Merchant in Huntsville, AL where Tharpe made 10 times his money. see Pacer #