Bank Liens on all of Tharpes Collectibles Brown University $750,000. Stolen Sword by Tharpe Chinese Investor – Tharpes Fake Straw Buyer consignment DonaldTharpe Federal Lawsuits Against Tharpe Federal RICO Charges for Fraud and Theft of Property Insurance Fraud Scheme by Donald R. Tharpe Middleburg/Sona and Fauquier Bank Frauds committed by Donald R. Tharpe Million Dollar checks Tharpe deposited into his accounts instead of the Banks that had Liens on all of his property pacer case lookup Phyllis T. Scott and friends and relatives in Warrenton, VA that Donald R. Tharpe has borrowed money from at 22% interest rate Real Estate Developers defrauded by Donald R. Tharpes Ponzi Fraud Schemes Real Estate Fraud fake appraisals of $20 million dollars for real estate that eventually sold for only $2 million Stolen property sold by Donald R. Tharpe Tharpe Collection Theft charges against Donald R. Tharpe Toll Bros Warrenton, VA

Donald R. Tharpe of Warrenton Virginia

Donald R. Tharpe of Warrenton Virginia is attempting to do the same Insurance Fraud scheme a collector in *******, GA. As co-conspirators to defraud Insurance companies in a collectibles Fraud scheme . . . See my Federal lawsuit against Donald R. Tharpe for $10 million dollars Pacer case #






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