Bank Liens on all of Tharpes Collectibles Chinese Investor – Tharpes Fake Straw Buyer Insurance Fraud Scheme by Donald R. Tharpe Middleburg/Sona and Fauquier Bank Frauds committed by Donald R. Tharpe Million Dollar checks Tharpe deposited into his accounts instead of the Banks that had Liens on all of his property Tharpes Borrowing Money Schemes Toll Bros

Donald Tharpe $2 Million Foreclosure

Donald Tharpes dictated notes to me where I was trying to determine how much he owed and to who exactly. I never could determine how much he actually owed as he has Middleburg bank being owed 3.4 million on his home, but then a 2nd mortgage on his home from his cousin for $600,000 then Toll brothers has a judgement against his home for $5.8 million. Middleburg Bank finally foreclosed on his home at $ 2 million and lost money as did all the others.
Middleburg Bank also had Liens on everything in Tharpes collection which he failed to pay them – Middleburg Bank was cheated out of Millions of Dollars by Tharpe’s failure to pay them for the collectibles he borrowed money from Middleburg Bank for and then secretly selling them and pocketing the money for himself, without telling the Bank they lost $ 5 million or more on Tharpe and his many schemes.